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Thematical index of Chinese literature

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Bai hu tong, "Comprehensive discussions the White Tiger Hall", a manifest of Confucianism (Later Han)
bai hua, "plain language", 1) a movement during late Qing/Republic to use everyday language instead of classical language wen yan, 2) modern everyday language
Bai mao nü, "The White Haired Girl", a revolutionary theatre play
Bai she zhuan, "The White Snake", a Yuan theatre play
Bamboo annals = Zhushu jinian
Ban Gu: Hanshu
Bao Pu zi, a Taoist book by Ge Hong (Division)
Ben cao gang mu, "Outline and details of roots and herbs", a medical tractate by Li Shizhen (Ming)
Ben cao jing, "Classic of Roots and Herbs", a medical tractate by Tao Hongjing (Division)
bi ji, "brush record" essays, a literaty style popular Song time on, e.g. Meng qi bi tan
Book of Changes = Yijing
Book of Documents = Shangshu
Book of Songs or Poetry= Shijing
Book of Rites = Liji
Buddhist literature and sutras see Buddhism

Cai Yong: Duduan
Cao Xueqin: Hongloumeng
Cao Yu: Leiyu
Ce fu yuan gui, "Prime turtle of the record bureau", political encyclopedia by Wang Qinruo (Song)
Cha guan, "The Teahouse", a theatre play by Lao She (Republic/PRC)
Chang hen ge, "Lament everlasting", a poem by Bai Juyi (Tang)
Chang sheng dian, "The Hall of Everlasting life", a theatre play by Hong Sheng (Qing)
Chen Shou: Sanguozhi
Chong you lun, "Priority of the Being", a metaphysical work by Pei Wei (Division)
Chu ci, "Poetry of the South", poems by Qu Yuan (Warring States)
Chun qiu, "Spring and Autumn", chronicle of Lu, one of the Five Confucian Classics (Spring and Autumn)
Chun qiu fan lu, "Abundant dew of the Spring and Autumn Annals", a metaphysical book by Dong Zhongshu (Former Han)
ci , a musical poetry style, contrafactury to an already existing melody, very popular during Song dynasty (see Song ci poems )
Confucian Classics, a collection of 5+4 to 13 canonical writings of Confucianism
Confucius = see Kongzi page
cong shu, collections of a books often a particular thematical sphere, as a comprehensive or an anthological composition
Creation of the Gods = Fengshen yanyi