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Taping Guangji 太平廣記 "Extensive Records of the Era Taiping"

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Reports on many different wonderful and strange things, reaching fairies, Daoist magicians, monks, magic spells and charms, to wonderful plants and animals to signs of Heaven, like thunderbolts, earthquake and floods. Other reports of strange things (guaiji 怪記) can be found in the Liexianzhuan, Shanhaijing, Shenxianzhuan, and Soushenji.
The various chapters of the Taiping Guangji are:
1.-55. shenxian 神仙 Male Fairies 1-55
56.-70. nüxian 女仙 Female Fairies 1-15
71.-75. daoshu 道術 Daoist Masters 1-5
76.-80. fangshi 方士 Magicians 1-5
81.-86. yiren 異人 Extraordinary People 1-6
87.-98. yiseng 異僧 Extraordinary Monks 1-12
99.-101. shizheng 釋證 Buddhist 1-3
102.-134. baoying 報應 1-33
135.-145. zhengying 征應 (帝王休證, 人臣休證, 邦國啟證, and 人臣啟證) 1-11
146.-160. dingshu 定數 (with hunyin 婚姻) 1-15
161.-162. ganying 感應 1-2
163. chenying 讖應
164. mingxian 名賢 (with fengjian 諷諫) ,
165. lianjian 廉儉 (with linse 吝嗇) ,
166.-168. qiyi 氣義 1-3
169.-170. zhiren 知人 1-2
171.-172. jingcha 精察 1-2
173.-174. junbian 俊辯 1-2
175. youmin 幼敏
176.-177. qiliang 器量 1-2
178.-184. gongju 貢舉 (with daizu 代族) 1-7
185.-186. quanxuan 銓選 1-2
187. zhiguan 職官
188. quanxing 權倖
189.-190. jiangshuai 將帥 (with zajuezhi 雜譎智) 1-2
191.-192. xiaoyong 驍勇 1-2
193.-196. haoxia 豪俠 1-4
197. bowu 博物
198.-200. wenzhang 文章 1-3
201. caiming 才名 (with 好尚),
202. ruxing 儒行 (with lingcai 怜才,and gaoyi 高逸)
203.-205. yue 樂 1-3
206.-209. shu 書 1-4,
210.-214. hua 畫 1-5
215. suanshu 算術
216.-217. bushi 卜筮 1-2
218.-220. yi 醫 1-3
221.-224. xiang 相 1-4
225.-227. jiqiao 伎巧 (with jueyi 絕藝) 1-3
228. boxi 博戲
229.-232. qiwan 器玩 1-4
233. jiu 酒 (with jiuliang 酒量 and shijiu 嗜酒)
234. shi 食 (with nengshi 能食 and feishi 菲食)
235. jiaoyou 交友
236.-237. shechi 奢侈 1-2
238. guizha 詭詐
239.-241. channing 諂佞 1-3
242. miuwu 謬誤 (with yiwang 遺忘)
243. zhisheng 治生 (with tan 貪)
244. bianji 褊急
245.-252. huixie 詼諧 1-8
253.-257. chaoqiao 嘲誚 1-5
258.-262. chibi 嗤鄙 1-5
263.-264. wulai 無賴 1-2
265.-266. qingbao 輕薄 1-2
267.-269. kubao 酷暴 1-3
270.-273. furen 婦人 (with jinü 妓女) 1-4
274. qinggan 情感
275. tongpu 童僕 (with nubi 奴婢)
276.-282. meng 夢 (= guishen I 鬼神) 1-7
283. wu 巫 (with yanzhou 厭咒)
284.-287. huanshu 幻術 1-4
288.-290. yaowang 妖妄 1-3
291.-315. shen 神 (with yinci 淫祠) 1-25
316.-355. gui 鬼 1-40
356.-357. yecha 夜叉 1-2
358. shenhun 神魂
359.-367. yaoguai 妖怪 (with renyao 人妖) 1-9
368.-373. jingguai 精怪 1-6
374. lingyi 靈異
375.-386. zaisheng 再生 1-12
387.-388. wuqiansheng 悟前生 1-2
389.-390. zhongmu 冢墓 1-2
391.-392. mingji 銘記 1-2
393.-395. lei 雷 1-3
396. yu 雨 (with fenghong 風虹)
397. shan 山 (with qi 溪)
398. shi 石 (with posha 坡沙)
399. shui 水 (with jing 井)
400.-405. bao 寶 (with jinyu 金玉, qian 錢 and qiwu 奇物) 1-6
406.-417. caomu 草木 (with wenlimu 文理木, wugu 五穀, and cha 茶) 1-12
418.-425. long 龍 1-8
426.-4... hu 虎 1-..
464.-476. chushou 畜獸 1-13
447.-455. hu 狐 1-9
456.-459. she 蛇 1-4
460.-463. qinniao 禽鳥 1-4
464.-472. shuizu 水族 1-9 (mit gui 龜)
473.-476. kunchong 昆虫 1-4

Taiping Yulan
Taiping Guangji
Cefu Yuangui
Wenyan Yinghua
泰山老父者,莫知姓字。漢武帝東巡狩,見老翁鋤於道旁。頭上白光高數尺。怪而問之。 老人狀如五十許人,面有童子之色,肌膚光華,不與俗同。帝問有何道術。對曰:「臣年八十五時,衰老垂死,頭白齒落。遇有道者,教臣絕穀,但服術飲水。并作神枕,枕中有三十二物。其三十二物中,有二十四物以當二十四氣,八毒以應八風。 臣行之,轉老為少,黑髮更生,齒落復出,日行三百里。臣今一百八十歲矣。」帝受其方,賜玉帛。老父後入岱山中。每十年五年,時還鄉里。三百餘年,乃不復還。
Fairies: The Old Father Taishan Mountain (also recorded in Ge Hong's 葛洪 (d. 343) Shenxianzhuan 神仙傳 "Biographies of Fairies")
Nobody knows the real name of the Old Father Taishan Mountain. When emperor Han Wudi the Martial (r. 140-87 BC) came along during an hunting travel, he saw an old man working with a hoe besides the way. Over his head was a white gleam, several feet high. The emperor asked what wonderful event that could be. When the old man looked up, he seemed to be some fifty years old, but his face was fresh like that of a small boy, with a smooth and sleek skin. Again, the emperor asked and wanted to know what magic the old man used to look like this. The man said: "I am eighty-five years old, I am already weak and I will die soon, my hair is white and I have lost all my teeth. Once I met somebody experienced with magic, and he told me, to give up eating grain. I should better eat podophyllum and drink pure water. And he made me a magic pillar, containing thirty-two things. Twenty-four of these things corresponded with the Twenty-four Vapours, and the other eight poisons corresponded to the Eight Diseases. Following his advices, my aging became slower, black hair came out again, my teeth grow once more, and I was able to walk three hundred miles a day. I am now one hundred and eighty years old." The emperor got his receipt and bestowed him many jade and silk. Later, the old man went into the Taishan (Daishan) mountains. Every five or ten years, he came back to his home village, but more than three hundred years later, he did never come back again.
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