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Cefu Yuangui 冊府元龜 "The Prime Tortoise of the Record Bureau"

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Taiping yulan 太平御覽 "Imperial Overview of the era Taiping 'Great Peace' (976-983)"
During the reign of the Song emperor Taizong (r. 976-997), four great encyclopedias were published to collect the whole knowledge of the new empire. The four books, called Song si da shu 宋四大書 "Four Great books of Song", were mostly compiled under the guidance of Li Fang 李昉 (d. 996) and each had different purposes. The Taiping yulan is a general encyclopedia, the Taiping guangji is a collection of ghost stories or accouts of miracles and magic people (a kind of literature called guaiji 怪記 "Reports of strange things"), the Cefu yuangui is an anthology of political essays, and the book Wenyuan yinghua is a literary anthology.
The "Imperial overview" is divided into some 54 divisions:
天 tian Heaven , 皇親 huangqin Imperial worship, 時序 shixu Time, 州郡 zhoujun Administration, 地 di Earth, 居處 juchu Housing, 皇王 huangwang Rulers, 封建 fengjian Enfeoffment, 偏霸 pianba Hegemony, 職官 zhiguan Officialdom, 兵 bing Military, 人事 renshi Human affaris, 逸民 yimin People, 宗親 zongqin Ancestor worship, 禮儀 liyi Rites, 樂 yue Music, 文學 wenxue Literature, 治政 zhizheng Politics, 刑法 xingfa Penal law, 釋 shi Buddhism, 道 dao Taoism, 儀式 yishi Etiquette, 服章 fuzhang Receipts for medicine, 服用 fuyong Taking medicine, 方術 fangshu Magic, 疾病 jibing Diseases, 工藝 gongyi Skills, 器物 qiwu Instruments, 雜物 zawu Miscellaneous objects, 舟 zhou Ships, 車 che Carts, 奉使 fengshi Missions, 四夷 siyi Non-Chinese, 珍寶 zhenbao Precious stones, 布帛 bubo Fabric, 資產 zichan Money and Production, 百穀 baigu Grain, 飲食 yinshi Nourishment, 火 huo Fire, 休徵 xiuzheng Reserves, 啟徵 qizheng Recruitment, 神鬼 shengui Gods and Ghosts, 妖異 yaoyi Supernatural appearings, 獸 shou Beasts, 羽族 yuzu Feathered animals, 鱗介 linjie scaly animals, 蟲豸 chongzhi Crawling animals, 木 mu Trees, 竹 zhu Bamboo, 果 guo Fruits, 菜 cai Herbs and lettuce, 香 xiang Odorous plants, 藥 yao Medical plants, 百卉 baihui Other plants.

《說文》曰錦,襄邑織成文(=紋)也。《釋名》曰:錦,金也。作之用功,重其價如金,故制字帛與金也。《 禮記王制》曰:錦文珠玉成器,不鬻於市...《左傳閔公》曰:衛遷于曹、齊。桓公歸夫人魚軒,重錦三十兩...《毛詩淇奧碩人》曰: 碩人其頎,衣錦褧衣;齊侯之子,衛侯之妻。
Fabrics 2: Brocade
Shuowen Jiezi: Brocade is the weaving pattern of Xiangyi Town. Shiming Dictionary: Jin brocade is jin gold. It is made with great effort, and its value is weighed like that of gold. Therefore, the character is compounded of the character for "fabric" and that for "gold". The Book of Rites, chapter Royal System: Patterned brocade, pearls and jade in the shape of instruments ready for use, shall not be sold in the market place [...] The Zuozhuan, (second year) of Duke Min: Wey resettled people in Cao and Qi. When duke Huan returned, he brought with him a consort named Yuxuan and thirty liang of brocade [...] The Book of Songs, "Bay of River Qi" (=Airs of Wey), air "Splendid woman": A splendid woman and upstanding; brocade she wore, over an unlined coat, daughter of the Lord of Qi, wife of the Lord of Wey.
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