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Chinese Literature - Taiping Guangji

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Taping Guangji 太平廣記 "Extensive Records of the Era Taiping"

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Reports on many different wonderful and strange things, reaching fairies, Daoist magicians, monks, magic spells and charms, to wonderful plants and animals to signs of Heaven, like thunderbolts, earthquake and floods. Other reports of strange things (guaiji 怪記) can be found in the Liexianzhuan, Shanhaijing, Shenxianzhuan, and Soushenji.
The various chapters of the Taiping Guangji are:
1.-55. shenxian 神仙 Male Fairies 1-55
56.-70. nüxian 女仙 Female Fairies 1-15
71.-75. daoshu 道術 Daoist Masters 1-5
76.-80. fangshi 方士 Magicians 1-5
81.-86. yiren 異人 Extraordinary People 1-6
ditions do not describe the final battles against the Liao empire in the north. The political content of the novel made it the object of occasional banishment during the Qing Dynasty 清 for glorifying bandits, and of an example of a peasant uprising under a revolutionary leadership during the Maoist era. There exist a few sequels and continuations of this novel, that has been very popular for describing the brotherhood between honest man and thus also is given the title "All men are brothers".

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