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Chinese History - The Ten Kingdoms 十國 (902-979)

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The Ten Kingdoms
Wu-Yue 吳越

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Qian Liu 錢鏐 (posthumous Wu-Yue Wusuwang 吳越武肅王 - see titles of emperors) was regional inspector (cishi 刺史) of Hangzhou 杭州, later military commissionary (jiedushi 節度使) of Zhenhai 鎮海 and Donghai 東海. In 902 he was officially enfeoffed as king of Yue 越, in 907 as king of Wu and Yue 吳越. His successors tried several times to gain territory the empire of Min in the south. After the Song 宋 empire had defeated the neighboring state of Southern Tang (Nantang 南唐) in 975, emperor Qian Chu 錢俶 (posthumous Wu-Yue Zhongyiwang 吳越忠懿王) submitted to the new ruler of China.
During the long rule of Qian Liu, his son Qian Guan 錢瓘 (posthumous Wu-Yue Wenmuwang 吳越文穆王) and his grandson Qian Chu the Wu-Yue empire enjoyed a period of internal and external peace that provided the chance for economical prosperity. Silk, paper, and porcelain were famous products of this region. The location at the sea offered the possibility for international trade with Japan, the northeastern regions and southeast Asia.

See also titles of rulers.

Wu-Yue 吳越 (903/7-978)

Capital: Hangzhou 杭州/modern Zhejiang

dynastic title
-----reign mottos (begin)

personal name


Wu-Yue Wusuwang 吳越武肅王
-----Tianyou 天祐 903
-----Tianbao 天寶 908
-----Fengli 鳳歷 913
-----Qianhua 乾化 913
-----Zhenming 貞明 915
-----Longde 龍德 921
-----Baoda 寶大 924
-----Baozheng 寶正 926
Qian Liu 錢鏐903/7-931
Wu-Yue Wenmuwang 吳越文穆王
-----Changxing 長興 932
-----Yingshun 應順 934
-----Qingtai 清泰 934
-----Tianfu 天福 936
Qian Yuanguang 錢元瓘 (or Chuanguan 傳瓘)932-941
Wu-Yue Zhongxianwang 吳越忠獻王
-----Kaiyun 開運 944
Qian Hongzuo 錢宏佐 (or Zuo 佐)941-946
Wu-Yue Zhongxunwang 吳越忠遜王Qian Hongzong 錢宏倧 (or Zong 倧)947
Wu-Yue Zhongyiwang 吳越忠懿王
-----Qianyou 乾祐 948
-----Guangshun 廣順 951
-----Xiande 顯德 954
-----Jianlong 建隆 960
-----Qiande 乾德 963
-----Kaibao 開寶 968
-----Taiping xingguo 太平興國 976
Qian Hongchu 錢俶 (or Chu 俶)948-978

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